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Stronger than Pain

Lori Yoder

167 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
This is the story of one woman's triumph over indescribable pain, multiple surgeries and multiple setbacks. Her hospital experiences were in leading universities of the eastern United States. Names were changed to protect doctors and universities. Arlene's illness was regarded by the medical profession as extremely rare. Highly respected doctors were frustrated in their inability to find answers to this highly unusual case. In the end there were few satisfactory answers. "Through the years of physical pain and disability, I have prayed many times that God would use me in His service and that He would create in me a heart like Jesus'. But when another cloud of pain strikes, leaving me alone and in darkness, or when I sit looking at the signature line on yet another consent form I find myself asking, 'God, where are You?'" Arlene Kauffman uttered these words that were put into the forward of her book. Arlene Kauffman knew pain like most of us can only imagine. Her resolute faith and trust in God to the end is both remarkable and exemplary. This is a wonderful faith building book that is difficult to lay aside.
Author Bio
Written by Lori Yoder as told her by Arlene Kauffman.Arlene was the daughter of Matilda Kauffman who wrote the book "Shattered Dreams."