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Beany Malone Cookbook

288 pages
Image Cascade Publishing
The Malone kitchen, dining room, and family meals were an integral part of the Beany Malone series. The Beany Malone Cookbook offers many wonderful recipes intertwined with the stories and characters who made them best known and loved.
Author Bio
Lenora Mattingly Weber was born in Dawn, Missouri, later homesteaded to Colorado. Her well-loved stories for girls reflect her experiences with her own family. Lenora Mattingly Weber wrote books and short stories for over 40 years. She is best known for her Beany Malone series and Katie Rose/Stacy Belford books. Beyond these series, Mrs. Weber wrote ten non-series books which are also captivating to readers of all ages. As the mother of six children and as a grandmother, she was well qualified to write of family life. Mrs. Weber enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, cooking, but her first love was writing.