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Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader

Vernon Oickle

264 pages
Macintyre Purcell

Do you know when and where the first road was built in Nova Scotia? Or that the first movie ever filmed in Canada was filmed here? When was the last public execution held in Nova Sco- tia and what was it like on execution day? From the tallest building to the oldest tree to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the most penalized hockey player in NHL history, the Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader is the book that should be in every Nova Scotian out- house. If you love Nova Scotia (and we know you do), you sim- ply must have the Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader.

How I wish “Nova Scotia’s Outstanding Outhouse Reader” had been around years ago when I was a new immigrant to Nova Scotia. It is a ‘gold’ mine of information, with a “Wow, I didn’t know that” on almost every page. For visitors, genealogists, or potential immigrants, this is the perfect volume to shed light on the province’s colourful and intriguing back story. The author’s reputation for thorough research and readability shines through.
— Susan B. Borgersen, author of Light Cycle