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Made in Manitoba

Best of Open Road Stories

Bill Redekop

224 pages
Macintyre Purcell
From the slow-motion collapse of a trapezoid farm building to the discovery of a rusted vintage car on the edge of a field, the sights and stories chronicled in this provincial travelogue convey the idiosyncrasy of daily life in Manitoba. When Bill Redekop was offered the position of rural reporter with the Winnipeg Free Press, he was hesitant until his editor gave him one rule: if his editor ever saw him in the office, he would kick Redekop out. So the reporter took to exploring the far corners of Manitoba and recounting his experiences in a weekly column. This book is a collection of those columns, bearing witness to the incredible diversity of the region’s landscape, and characterizing the people of the area, who give life to Redekop’s columns just as they give life to the sprawling farm fields and freshwater lakes.