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Don't Take Your Elephant to School

An Alphabet of Poems

96 pages
SPCK Group

Have you ever thought about the rules a lion would need to follow in school? Or considered the worst thing about a queue?

You haven't? Then these poems are for you?

In this collection of over 70 poems, Steve Turner returns to much of the word play and wit of his best-selling The Day I Fell Down the Toilet. Using the alphabet as a framework, he has written three poems for each letter (including X and Z!). This highly entertaining book will delight all Turner fans and teachers will appreciate the varied poetry forms (shape, limerick, nonsense, free, rhyming, etc).

The fun, witty poems - often written from a thought-provoking point of view - cover such diverse subjects as aardvarks, cars, sausages, love and yo-yos, so there's sure to be something to interest both boys and girls.

Author Bio
Steve Turner (Author)
STEVE TURNER is a performance poet and journalist. Author of several anthologies of adult verse, children's poetry and many rock biographies.

David Mostyn (Illustrator)
DAVID MOSTYN is a widely published cartoonist and illustrator.