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My First Book of Snakes and Reptiles

48 pages
Beetle Books

My First Book of Snakes and Reptiles is the perfect introduction to remarkable reptiles from around the world, for young readers. Bright full-color illustrations bring slithering snakes and other cold-blooded favorites to life, as well as some creatures you may not have heard of before! Bite-size text and fun fact files for each reptile make this an engaging read for young nature lovers.

  • Discover the planet's deadliest snakes!
  • Meet the world's biggest reptile – the mighty saltwater crocodile!
  • From fantastic swimming sea turtles to color-changing chameleons, discover reptiles with super skills!
  • Visit awesome and extreme animal habitats, brought to life through beautiful illustrations.

From terrific turtles to giant lizards, there are so many awesome animals to uncover! Find out what all reptiles have in common and reveal remarkable differences. The perfect gift for kids who love animals, this beautiful and captivating book is one to return to again and again.

Author Bio
Emily Kington is a busy author and artist, living in the South West of England in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Emily is the author of over 30 non-fiction children’s books covering a variety of STEAM related subjects including Amazing Art for Creative Kids, Big Ideas for the Big Outdoors and Recycled Art. Emily’s latest series, Animals in Danger encompasses her love of animals and her concerns about the planet.