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Divine Attachment

Discovering God's Design in Our Psychology

200 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In "Divine Attachment," Dr. Ruth Graham embarks on a profound exploration of the intersection between psychology, attachment theory, and our understanding of God as a nurturing parent. Drawing from her dual roles as a Christian and a clinical psychologist, Graham unveils the striking parallels between psychological principles and the divine relationship offered by God. At the heart of the book lies the concept of attachment theory, which posits that our early experiences shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world. Graham deftly illustrates how the nurturing relationships we experience, or lack thereof, imprint upon us a template for all future connections. She delves into the profound implications of these early attachments, suggesting that our relationship with our earthly parents often influences our understanding of our heavenly Father. Through poignant anecdotes from her professional practice and personal journey, Graham reveals how the principles of attachment theory resonate with biblical narratives. She contends that just as individuals may require therapeutic re-parenting to heal from early traumas, humanity as a whole yearns for the restorative love of God, particularly in the aftermath of the Fall depicted in Genesis. Moreover, Graham invites readers to contemplate the transformative power of God's love in their own lives. She shares moments of awe and wonder when she witnessed God's presence amidst her work as a psychologist, underscoring the profound connection between human relationships and divine love. "Divine Attachment" is not merely a theological treatise; it is a compassionate guide for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of their identity as beloved children of God. Graham's reflections offer solace and hope, reminding readers that even amidst imperfection, God extends grace through the concept of "good enough parenting," wherein caregivers need only respond sensitively to their children about half of the time. As readers journey through the pages of this book, they are invited to pause, reflect, and marvel at the intricate ways in which God's love manifests in human relationships. Whether Christian or simply curious about faith, "Divine Attachment" offers profound insights into the transformative power of divine love and the universal need for connection and belonging.
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Ruth Graham ===========

Dr Ruth Graham is a clinical psychologist and has worked in the NHS for more than a decade in a variety of mental health services. She has a particular professional interest in attachment, abuse and trauma. Her work has mostly been with young people, families and specifically those with experience of foster care. As both a Christian and Psychologist, she is continually struck by the centrality of relationship for healing and marvels at how the psychology reflects this biblical truth.