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The Amazing Story of Pakistans Christians

A look back over 2,000 years of Christian history in the land we now know as Pakistan

190 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In "The Amazing Story of Pakistan’s Christians," Michael Wakely delivers a compelling narrative that traverses the rich tapestry of Pakistani Christian history. Endorsed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Pakistani Minorities, this book unravels the often overlooked yet remarkable journey of a resilient community. Wakely's meticulous research unfolds a chronological exploration, commencing with the inception of Christianity in the region and journeying through pivotal historical epochs. He skillfully navigates through complex events such as the partition of India in 1947, shedding light on the impact of these political shifts on the Christian minority. Central to the book is its focus on the cultural contributions of Pakistani Christians. From education and social work to their involvement in shaping the nation's defense, Wakely underscores the pivotal roles individuals within this community played in enriching Pakistan's cultural fabric. Dr. Carol Walker, a former missionary, lauds the book as an enlightening read, acknowledging its fresh perspectives. Dr. Samuel Naaman, a professor at Moody Bible Institute, applauds Wakely's dedication to unearthing and honoring the legacies of both Western missionaries and Pakistani nationals. Furthermore, Msgr. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali praises Wakely's even-handed approach to different churches, fostering confidence within the readership. Rev. Tariq Waris, Principal Designate at Full Gospel Assemblies Bible Seminary, Lahore, hails the work as an excellent survey of Christianity in Pakistan, appealing to both clergy and laity. Wakely's affection for Pakistan, evident through his charitable initiatives, reflects in this meticulously crafted historical work. This book isn't just a scholarly endeavor but a testament to Pakistani Christian heritage, a resource highly recommended for those intrigued by the intersection of faith, history, and cultural diversity within Pakistan.
Author Bio
Michael Wakely ==============

Michael Wakely’s connection with Pakistan goes back to 1979 when he and his wife lived and worked in charitable service in Lahore for about 10 years. When challenged to help provide education for some of Pakistan’s poorest Christians, he and his wife founded the charity, Starfish Asia. They now support 50 schools in Pakistan, to ensure a good education and to raise the hopes and dreams of Pakistan’s Christians.