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From Black and White to Colour

How you can be led by the Holy Spirit

178 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
It was a clear day, and I had a good view for miles around. I would always, when reaching the top of a hill, stand and admire the view. That day, as I was looking down, I felt the Lord speak to me and he asked, ‘What do you see?’ I answered, ‘I can see the villages below.’ And I felt the Lord say, ‘To these dark villages, and many more like them, I want you to bring light.’ ‘But how?’ I asked. This is the story of Karen Way, who found her life changed when she put her trust in the Lord Jesus. Although an ordinary girl, Karen was dyslexic and unable to read her Bible as child, but this was about to change. She discovered that a life with Jesus was going to be an adventure. From Bible school in South Africa, to buying a shop for a pound and putting the heart back into a community, Karen’s journey has been one of faith as she learned to listen to his voice and followed his blueprints for the various projects she initiated. Inspirational, faith-building, a gentle yet exciting story of someone who decided to follow Jesus wholeheartedly – with interesting results!
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Karen Way =========

Karen Way lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and two springer spaniels. Originally from the south of England, with some Scandinavian heritage, Karen became a Christian as a young mum and studied at the Rhema Bible school in South Africa. She loves to encourage people in their own walk of faith.