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True Freedom Part One

A Revolutionary Approach to Addiction Recovery

140 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
The True Freedom model is a new and valuable tool for addiction recovery. It works for addiction in general: from nicotine to crack; from sugar to opioids; from a life-destroying cycle of torture to something coming between you and a person or goal that matters. It will work for you whether you’re in a residential rehab that uses True Freedom, part of a local True Freedom Community group, in a prison reading about True Freedom during a group session or from your cell, journeying through it at home after work each day, or if a mentor, loved one or chaplain / pastor / leader is supporting you through it on a one-to-one basis. The True Freedom journey begins with three separate parts of the True Freedom workbook. You are currently holding Part One, which unravels the deception that has kept you trapped, allowing you to move forward. Part Two unpacks the other forces at work in your life and in your addiction. Part Three leads us to take the action needed for addiction recovery to occur. Each milestone ends with a statement of truth, which can be read aloud as a declaration of your progress. At the end of all three parts, you will have twelve milestone statements you can remember as keys to freedom, all of which are recorded at the back of this book.
Author Bio
Rebekah S Thomas ================

Rebekah Thomas grew up amidst addiction, battled her own, and has ministered to addicts for over ten years, whilst serving in various local church leadership capacities for over fifteen years. Her bachelor's and master's degrees are both in Christian theology and leadership, but she also loves learning abut science and people and more. She is co-director of Hope Centre Ministries UK and an Elim minister. Rebekah is married to Clyde and lives in Wales UK.