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Following in His Footsteps

How to Hear God’s Voice and Follow Jesus' calling in our Lives

84 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Identity. Do you know who you are? In Following in His Footsteps, Naomi Smyth takes you on a journey where you can know who you are by knowing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As you hunger for Christ, his nature becomes your nature. As you journey with Christ, new adventures will start to unfold. As you listen to the whispers of The Holy Spirit he will guide you and lead you into new adventures. So what is your destiny? Enjoy finding this out from the one who knows you better than anyone. Enjoy the walking and the talking, remembering he also wants to dine with you and to live in every area of your life. To be your guide, your comforter, your brother...He is waiting for you to come to him and learn from him and walk in his footsteps. Naomi hopes that as you read through these pages, you will be encouraged that God has a greater plan for your life.
Author Bio
Naomi Smyth ===========

Naomi Smyth was brought up in a Christian home but didn't truly experience God in a real way until she was in her mid-twenties when she received a vision of God standing in front of the gates of heaven. From that point God brought her healings and revelations that would change her life.