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Jesus: Life and Times

A Clash of Kingdoms … and the Triumph of Mercy.

348 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In 1882 Alfred Edersheim wrote what has been described by many as the definitive book on the Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (the actual title of the book), an unparalleled and unsurpassed examination of the background to His ministry from a Jewish perspective. This book is an accessible re-imagining of the classic for the modern Christian. Here are a few of the many questions this book tackles: Are the Gospels a history or a biography? How important was Jesus’ moral purpose? Which healing totally confounded the Rabbis? When did the hostility against Jesus start? When did Jesus use Jewish theology to shame a Pharisee? Which parable was the most important for the disciples? What did Jesus wear? Why did Jesus break the ‘traditions’? What was Jesus’ greatest disappointment? When did the authorities first plot to have Jesus killed? What was the unforgiveable sin? What was the point of no return for Israel’s High Priesthood? Who sat in the chief place at the Last Supper? How was the Jewish trial a sham?
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Steve Maltz ===========
Steve Maltz is a writer, blogger and the founder of Foundations conferences, Saltshakers web community and Saffron Planet Publishing. This is his thirty-first book. He is married to Monica with three sons and three grandsons and lives in East London.