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The Great Gardener

Learning to Walk Daily in the Presence of God

128 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Jo Claire had been a Christian for many years, she had loved and followed Jesus for most of her life, yet following the trauma of her divorce she realised she was still acting as 'head gardener' of her life. God opened her eyes to the reality that trying to navigate and cultivate our emotional and spiritual well-being on our own is not His plan for our life. He designed us to do more than simply survive, He longs us to thrive in Him. The Great Gardener shows us how we can let go and ask God to deal with our lives His way. Jo demonstrates the choice we have: to survive as the 'head gardener' of our own life or to thrive with God at the centre of our lives. Do we want to settle for a Christian life in which we only give God parts of ourselves? A life where the weeds of life overwhelm and consume us as we struggle to juggle our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being? Or do we want to pursue life as it was intended? Do we want a life that flourishes under the care of the Great Gardener? A life where we can give ourselves to our Heavenly Father and trust Him to lead us into a life that is whole. Where we can walk through the garden of life emotionally, spiritually and physically restored through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.
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Jo Claire =========

Jo Claire currently works as a Youth Pastor, having studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She resides in Northampton, England and is a mother to two daughters.