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Velma and the Intruder

Mucklewood Adventures

176 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
It’s seven months before the escape of the aviary birds (book 1) and the latest generation of fox cubs from Mucklewood emerge from their earth to explore the world around them for the first time. Just a couple of months forward from this happy event and the entire Muckle skulk face challenges to their recent acceptance with the ‘United Mucklewood Friendship Society’ when they come under suspicion for the strange disappearance of some animals from the forest. A mysterious intruder threatens to tarnish the good reputation of the Muckle skulk and to present a potential risk to their own safety. The mother and two older sisters of the Muckle cubs have suspicions and questions of their own about one of their family members who left them when she was a young adult during an invasion of a rival skulk. Why did she leave at a time when they needed her most? Where is she now? Could she have any knowledge of or part in the increasingly disturbing events at Mucklewood forest? And, as she is the cubs’ older sister, should they be told about Velma? A lesson is applied from the Bible with accompanying Bible verses at the end of each chapter.
Author Bio
Brian Chalmers lives in the North East of Scotland with his wife Ruthanna and their three daughters. He has been actively involved in children's work for many years, is the editor of Our Treasury children's magazine and works as a freelance graphic designer.