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Three In One

The Christian And The Character Of God

96 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The question, ‘What is God like?’, is always one that will provoke discussion and debate. To get an answer, there are two possible approaches. 1. The best scenario would be for God to tell us what He is like. That would save a lot of conjecture and give us an accurate answer. 2. We could use the evidence we have available to establish that God exists, and then try to ascertain what type of being He is, how He thinks, and how He operates. This second approach has severe limitations as we are restricted by the sum total of human experience (assuming that it has been recorded and retained accurately). Also, our results will be very subjective as we will end up describing God in terms that we have chosen. They may not be accurate. This could ultimately be defined as personal speculation. I suggest that the first approach is available to us in the holy book we call the Bible. We are not left to our own personal speculations about God, for we can learn from the revelation which God has given about Himself in His book.
Author Bio
Stephen was saved as a boy of five having been born into a family where his parents loved and served the Lord Jesus. He was born in Hastings, England and, at the age of two, moved to the city of Liverpool where his father was from. When Stephen was five the Baker family moved to Scotland. At the age of sixteen he left school to work for one of the Scotland’s oldest financial institutions. He worked for them for twenty-seven years in various roles having qualified as a Chartered Banker. Stephen eventually left the world of banking to focus on preaching and teaching the Bible. This book links his interest in financial matters with what the Bible teaches about money.