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The Dispensations

64 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
These notes were written to help a group of teenage Christians understand their bible. The aim was to provide them with notes that they could read at home before the bible study and which they could keep and consult as they grew older. While there are books written on the Dispensations for adults, and primers for those who wish to learn the basics, there is not much in the "middle ground". These notes will hopefully fill a gap in the market. Suitable in a group setting or for individual study, "Dispensations of the Bible" explains clearly what a Dispensation is, and guides the reader through each Dispensation as it is recorded in Scripture. Highlighted Sections for . Key Scriptures . Key Quotes . Key Questions If your youth group is in the 13-20 age bracket, they are at a vital stage in their Christian life where they need help to study the Bible in a way that is challenging and engaging.
Author Bio
Alan Summers lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and is married with five children and is actively involved in his local Church in Edinburgh. He is a renouned bible teacher and speaks at various conferences around the UK.