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Global Warming

The Christian and Climate Change

80 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The whole environment is God’s creation, and man was entrusted with its stewardship. Sadly neglected and abused in man’s quest for more power and wealth, much has suffered and as a consequence, global warming has now become a real concern. No one of us can alter the big picture, but each of us can consider carefully how we use the resources God has provided. According to the Bible, bigger changes to planet Earth are certain in the future, but that is not a reason for Christians to ignore the present implications of climate change and adopt a careless and extravagant lifestyle. We can show others that we care, including willing acceptance of government regulations to protect the environment. In this helpful guide, Bert Cargill carefully outlines evidences of global warming and climate change, explaining some of the science behind it, and indicates ways in which we can help during our time on earth before our Lord Jesus comes again.
Author Bio
Dr Bert Cargill retired from chemistry teaching and research at Abertay University, Dundee. A lifelong commitment to Christian service has underpinned his Biblical point of view on nature and the environment, as in his other books Creation’s Story (2008) and Considering Creation (2020). He also wrote the Tell me More about ... series to bring basic Christian truths especially to readers whose first language is not English. Married to Isobel, they have a grownup family including great-grandchildren.