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Knowing God's Will For Your Life

Decision Making By The Book

125 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Not every book has universal appeal. However, this book is for every Christian. The subject of knowing God’s will and doing God’s will is the ultimate subject for all believers. We all want to know that what we are doing and saying is in the mind and will of God - for it is there that we will know true pleasure, be fully empowered and at peace. The theme of ‘knowing the Will of God’ is vast and often when it is taken up in a written form loses the reader due to the scale and complexity of the subject. In contrast, David’s thoughtful, concise style keeps the reader focussed. The chapters are short, well arranged and targeted on a few verses. The reader will be able to read a chapter in a few minutes. The theme of the ‘Will of God’ can also become technical in some of the literature, bamboozling the reader. Not here. This book is very practical and the impact of this subject is forcibly brought to bear upon our daily lives. This is a book for Christians who wish to grow spiritually. The skill of the teacher is to make complex things simple, without dumbing-down the message and over-simplifying. This book is broad in its range of issues that it discusses under the title the ‘Will of God’. It particularly focuses on how we as Christians can discover the ‘Will of God’ in various aspects of our lives. David has spent long hours studying the vast range of verses that deal with this subject and has distilled it down for us into digestible chunks without losing any of the scholarly work that underpins it.
Author Bio
David Weir is a respected Bible teacher who has helped the people of God in a number of English and Romanian speaking countries. Originally from West Lothian in Scotland, David has spent much of his adult life teaching the word of God in Romania and Moldova. His teaching style is characterised by a deeply practical approach to Scripture influenced, in particular, by his long-standing interest in guiding younger believers in the Christian pathway.