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Charting Through the Old Testament

A Visual Overview of Biblical History

268 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
This book is the result of years of work from the pen of John Grant (former editor of the Believer's Magazine). He expressed his wish before the Lord called him home, that these charts, and the supporting text be published, and the staff at John Ritchie have spent many hours in the colation, typesetting and design of the original material in order to publish this beautifully illustrated legacy to his work. The 72 charts provide a panoramic view of the Old Testament and on biblical themes, for example "The Seven Days of Creation", "Chronology from Adam and Noah", and the "Kings of the Old Testament". This hardback edition with fully illustrated gloss colour artwork is a beautiful table top production, and a fatastic resource for new Believers and Bible Scholars alike, and will make an ideal gift.