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Morgan and Mollie's Year

75 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Travel through a year in the life of twins, Morgan and Mollie, and find out that every month brings its own special excitement, with things to discover and enjoy. When you are four-going-on-five, like Morgan and Mollie, there are so many new and interesting things to discover, and exciting adventures to emabark on. Follow along each month of the year in which the twins start school, learn with them about the seasons, and the meaning behind the special events celebrated throughout the year, including the Christian festivals.
Author Bio
Mary lives in retirement in Dorset with her husband. She has three children, five grandchildren and a great grandson with whom she loves spending time. The inspiration for many of her children’s stories comes from the time she spent working in Africa, as well as from the sea and countryside surrounding her home. Her hobbies include photography, botanical painting and felt making.