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Another Way to Learn?

Discovering the Beauty of Home Education - An Essential Guide

216 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Over the past century the role of parents in the education of children has changed dramatically. This timely book, written by an experienced group of UK home educators, is a call for parents to take back this role, a battle cry to defend our right to do so and a vision for the restoration of family within our nation. It is a handbook to equip and empower families in the daily rhythms and choices of home education. This book will inspire those who are curious and encourage those already on the journey. Packed with practical advice, it is an irresistible call to bring education right back to the heart and hearth of the family.
Author Bio
Compiled byMolly Ashton (BN Hons, RGN)Molly is an enthusiastic advocate for home education with apassion to encourage others on this journey. She and her husbandhave four children, two by birth and two by adoption. Throughboth professional and personal experience, she has insight into thechallenges of parenting children with additional needs. She cohosts‘Mended Teacups’ a UK home-education podcast, blogs andhas authored one children’s book. She is rooted in the beauty andrhythms of the countryside in which she and her family live in theirongoing quest towards self-sufficiency.Author'sCharles Barber (MA) & Ruth BarberHelen Brunning (BA Hons)Jessica Girard (Cert. Health and Social care, Cert. Theology)Dr Kat Patrick (PhD, PGCE)Juliet English (BA Social Work)Anne Laure Jackson (BSc OT, Advanced practitioner, PGDipKirsteen McLeod (BSc)Afia Bayayi (BSc Psychology and Sociology, PGCE)Matt Harris (PGDip Youth Work and Community Development)Sian Lowe (BA Hons, PGCE)Philippa NicholsonCatherine Shelton (Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach;MA (Oxon) in Maths & Philosophy; BA (Hons) in Biblical &Cross-Cultural Studies; PGCE)Alberta Stevenson (BA Hons)Randall and Mary Hardy