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Oscar's Wings

136 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Oscars Wings is an adventure about a Northern Saw-whet Owl born in captivity. Oscar longs for the day when he will be free from his enclosure and the cruel aviary owner, 'Miserly Shakes', to live among the birds of Muckle Wood forest. The forest birds have planned a mission to this end, code-named: 'Operation Flight. There are many things threatening to thwart their plan however: the bird who came up with the plan in the first place - a Wood Pigeon called Charlotte - goes missing; the Hooded Crows of Dark Moor have concocted their own plan to take over Muckle Wood forest for themselves, and Miserly Shakes decides to move the captive birds into a cabin while he renovates the aviary. Added to all this, the forest is visited by a large bird which the birds of Muckle Wood forest cannot make up their mind about. Is it friend or foe? Will Oscar and the other eight birds of captivity ever have their dreams of freedom turned into a reality? A lesson is applied from the Bible with accompanying Bible verses at the end of each chapter.
Author Bio
Brian Chalmers lives in the North East of Scotland with his wife Ruthanna and their three daughters. He has been actively involved in children's work for many years, is the editor of Our Treasury children's magazine and works as a freelance graphic designer.