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Made In His Image

A Christian's Guide Series

Philip Mullan

56 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The abortion debate often provokes strong reactions on both sides of the argument. Past exploring the hard facts of abortion, we need to address what the Bible teaches us on what it means to be human. Dr Mullen does this, taking information from both a biblical and scientific perspective, and presenting it conscientiously. The abortion debate raises sensitive issues, and often provokes strong reactions on both sides of the argument. This short book addresses these issues in a holistic and Bible-based manner, by exploring more than just the hard facts of abortion. We are reminded of the Bible’s teaching on what it means to be human, and of the high value that God places on every individual, including the unborn child, the teenage mum, and those who have had abortions. The question of when human life begins is explored from both a biblical and a scienti fi c perspective. Finally, the real heartache, distress and fear that many women and couples face is considered, and we are encouraged in ways that we can genuinely support them and their children. “Some may say that abortion is a woman’s issue, and that, as a man, I should not speak about it. But, as a Christian, I believe God has spoken about it, and His voice must be heard. We must be willing to submit to His truth, knowing that He is good, and His ways are best.” (Dr Philip Mullan).
Author Bio
Dr Philip Mullan is a GP who works in Northern Ireland. Originally from Newtownbreda, Belfast, he now lives in Dungannon with his wife Esther and their three children. He enjoys helping young people understand what the Bible teaches and how it is relevant to everyday life.