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From Glasgow to the Andes

Blanquita Haggerty

209 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Frank Haggerty was more likely to end up in Barlinnie jail than to set sail for Bolivia to preach the Gospel! Raised in a poor part of Glasgow, and active as a gang leader, this is not the story you would expect. But, as you follow the trials and joys of Frank and his wife Blanquita, you will find yourself being captivated as well as challenged. Missionary biographies are usually highly readable and interesting. This one is no exception. Vivid, lively, and entertaining as it is, one might forget that there are lessons in it for all who know the Saviour. Two struck me as I read. First, it is surely the case that the teenage Frank Haggerty would have seemed to most of us as very unlikely material for a missionary. Raised in a poor part of Glasgow. Active as a gang member and gang leader. He was more likely to follow one of his companions to execution in Barlinnie jail than to set sail for Bolivia to preach the Gospel! Yet Frank, reflecting on his early life, saw that God was preparing him, even before his conversion, for his subsequent service. This is illustrated well in the book. Dealing with issues on the mission field, he was greatly helped by his early experiences. It is a reminder that God is the potter, we are the clay. He moulds us after His plan and for His purpose.
Author Bio
Blanquita Haggerty was born in Bolivia and married to Frank who was a Scottish Missionary in Bolivia. Together they had three boys and one girl and they travelled throughout the country spreading the Gospel and helping with Bible Teaching. In her later years she discovered her voice as a writer, and became a regular contributor to Caminemos Juntas, a Spanish magazine for Christian women. She passed away in February 2021, just before we were able to publish the story of their life together.