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Joy In The Desert

50 years of Gospel Blessing in Botswana

Clark Logan

272 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
With glorious sunsets, incredible wildlife and peace-loving people, you can almost understand why someone would leave the comforts of home and the security of successful careers, for a life in Botswana. Joy in the Desert tells the true story of a small band of devoted Christians who did just that, moved to an unknown country, with no guaranteed salary, and how God blessed them for over fifty years! This volume aims to tell the true story of how the lives of men and women, and boys and girls, in Botswana have been transformed by the power of the gospel of Christ. It has been our joy to witness God’s blessing over many years in this desert land, and it has been an honour to serve Him here. Memories fade quickly, but even if we had perfect recall, this brief record must be regarded as incomplete. While we may readily tell of what men and women have done, none of us can discern the full picture of what God has done or is doing. He often works behind the scenes. Then again, God will continue to work, long after our labours are over. This volume represents a partial record at a point in time, but the full story awaits a future day of heavenly review. The men and women whose service for the Lord is described within these pages have one thing in common: they have taken the Word of God to be their only guide. For just over 50 years they have worked unitedly, seeking to follow the practice of the early Christians, even in these challenging times. They share the conviction that the first-century principles of the early church still work today.
Author Bio
Clark Logan and his wife,Hazel ,left Dundonald Northern Ireland.in 1982 for missionary service in. Botswana. Their greatest joy has been to witness lives, with young and old, being transformed by the power of the gospel of Christ. They presently reside in the village of Tlokweng.