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Four Writers One Story

Harmonising The Gospels

Jeremy Gibson

512 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Have you ever attempted to harmonise the four Gospels into one linear timeline? If so, you know it's no easy feat. However, this is what Jeremy Gibson has done in Four Writers, One Story, resulting in a rigorous yet comprehensible bird's eye view of the Lord's ministry on Earth. An excellent resource for anyone with the desire to deepen their appreciation of the life of Christ. The four Gospels are harder to study than you might think. They record a unique period in history when the Son of God incarnate walked on planet earth. The church did not yet exist (not till Pentecost), the Law of Moses remained in force, and there was the continued expectation that a messianic King would liberate Israel from her Gentile overlords. The Old Testament told that He was coming. He had now come. This book attempts to harmonize and explain the four Gospels in chronological order. It highlights Christ’s moral perfection, emphasizes His deity, and shows just how amazing His miracles really were. It shows how His public service matched Old Testament predictions and anticipated a glorious future when He will finally reign in Jerusalem. He was crucified. But that was not the end. On the third day, He rose again – and He will return as King of kings and Lord of Lords.
Author Bio
Jeremy was converted while studying medicine at the University of Glasgow. He has specialised in Rehabilitation Medicine and presently works in General Practice (Family medicine) with an interest in Safeguarding Children.