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Build It! Make It! Space

Makerspace Models. Build an Alien Space Ship, Flying Rocket, Asteroid Sling Shot – Over 25 Awesome Models to Make

96 pages
Beetle Books

All you need are some simple household items and the step-by-step instructions will be easy to follow. Awesome facts complete each project. It’s the best book for kids to join the space race and become super engineers!

Space has over 25 fascinating Makerspace Models projects to make, kids won’t know which one to choose first!

  • Ideal for Makerspace projects, combining science, technology and hands-on model making.
  • Kids can become super engineers in their own space race to build a flying rocket.
  • No space fan can live without a spectacular space station to orbit their room.
  • Making an asteroid sling shot has got to be a favorite!
  • Spy satellites are essential for any top-secret project!

Simple step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and full-color photographs clearly show the different stages of each of the space projects being made. There are also over 50 great illustrations and cool bite-size space facts that always go down well with the fans. So, encourage the kids to switch off the tech and become super engineers. Get ready to have lots of Build It! Make It! great engineering fun with the coolest book on space!

Author Bio

Rob Ives is a UK-based designer and paper engineer. He began making cardboard models as a maths and science teacher, then was asked to create two books of models. His published titles include Paper Models that Rock! and Paper Automata. He is also the author of Build It! Make It! Super Engineer and Build It! Make It! Mini Battle Machines, recent titles from Beetle Books. He specializes in paper animations and projects, and often visits schools to talk about design technology and demonstrate his models.