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What Machines Do

Take a closer look at the world of machines

80 pages
Beetle Books

Explore the world of machines! Digging, ploughing, drilling, flying; big or small. Machines are used all over the world in all sorts of ways. Discover the different machines used on the farm, at the theme park, for saving lives at the hospital, and much more! Discover…

• What do machines do and how do they work?

• Which machines are used to build houses?

• Which machines make loop-de-loops?

See machines that can be found around the house, and ones that are blasted into space.

…and much more! Bright, illustrated scenes show different machines in action, while simple, informative text explains how they work. Perfect for little engineers who like to see what machines do and how they work.

Author Bio
John lives by the sea on the south west coast of England. He loves the outdoors and most sports. John has written on a wide variety of topics for children, including math, science and sports.