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A fun guide through the four seasons

80 pages
Beetle Books

An awesome guide to each of the four seasons, with emphasis on its effects on the natural world. Join cute and funny animals as they appear throughout brightly illustrated scenes, and take a simple look at the seasons and the changing weather. Observe the subtle science behind seasonal changes; from rainbows in spring, to bees seeking nectar in summer, pumpkins in fall, to the winter freeze.

• Watch as the weather changes from season to season.

• See the animals in their natural habitats.

• Which plants and flowers grow?

•Look inside and see how beehives work.

A playful, humorous, engagingly fresh look at the seasons and how the world changes around us. A key subject for young children, sensitively written and beautifully illustrated, sure to become a bookshelf favorite!

Author Bio
Annabel is a writer and artist based in the Southwest of England. She is passionate about nature and loves hiking and gardening