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The Mighty Mechanics Guide to Speed

From fighter jets to rocket sleds

John Allan

80 pages
Beetle Books

THE MIGHTY MECHANICS GUIDE TO SPEED is the second title in the Mighty Mechanics series. They are back to look after all kinds of speedy machines – from high-flying fighter jets to monster racing trucks. Join them as they take you on an exhilarating tour of the fastest transport on wheels, tracks, water and in the air. Get ready to discover…

  • what sort of car can break the sound barrier
  • the fastest rollercoaster in the world
  • which power-crazy boat holds the water speed record
  • how the world’s fastest flying bird compares for the speediest aircraft

…and much more! Compare top speeds, our mechanics have fine-tuned what makes these machines some of the speediest on Earth. Full of striking photographs, colorful graphics and fun facts it’s the best book of speedy machines. So, buckle up and prepare for an awesome ride!

Author Bio

John Allan has been a petrol head since his early teens and loves everything with an engine. He has worked in children’s publishing, writing and editing for 25 years. He lives by the sea in the UK and spends his time, outside work, tinkering with anything mechanical.