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Young Astronaut’s Guide to Space

Take a closer look at our universe

Emily Kington

80 pages
Beetle Books

Prepare for lift-off and let your friendly astronaut guides take you on a tour of the universe. Take a closer look at the planets in our solar system. Orbit the Sun and learn why we only see the Moon at night. Explore far flung galaxies, uncover black holes and discover the amazing technology behind space travel. Discover…

• what makes Mars red

• how our solar system came to exist

• how the moon affects the tide in our oceans

• fun facts about the future of space travel

…and much more! This book is a fun and accessible introduction to space for younger readers, with a focus on helping them to understand their place in the universe. Stunning photography, fun illustrations and up-to-date facts bring the wonders of space to life. It's a must for all budding astronauts!

Author Bio
Emily Kington has worked in publishing and children’s books for over twenty years. She loves writing for children and is passionate about making information fun and accessible for children and engaging them in the world around us. Emily lives in England with her husband and two children and loves outdoor sports, travelling and good food.