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Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Engage your brain to work through these awesome adventure puzzles, under the Sea, to the Moon and more.

Gareth Moore

96 pages
Beetle Books

Treasure Hunt Puzzles is a unique story-style puzzle book that propels you into four separate adventures. You'll follow an ancient Inca trail into the jungle, travel to the moon in a spaceship, escape from a pyramid in Egypt and dive deep into the ocean on a submarine.

. You can have fun with geometry in the jungle.

. Translate hieroglyphs and solve cryptic clues inside a pyramid.

. Solve balancing and volume puzzles on the moon.

. Use logic to avoid a shark-attack under the ocean.

It's a great place to try out all of your math skills. You can't skip a challenge because you need to complete them all in order to return home, but there are hints to help if you get stuck. Prepare yourself for multi-level mazes, riddles to unravel, encrypted codes to navigate obstacles. Devised by an expert in brain training these awesome mental gymnastics are fun to do.

Author Bio
Dr Gareth Moore, who created the series Brain Benders, is the author of a wide range of puzzle and brain-training books for both children and adults, including The Kids' Book of Puzzles, The Mammoth Book of Brain Games and The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training. He is also the founder of www.puzzlemix.com and the daily brain training site www.brainedup.com. He gained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in the field of speech recognition, teaching machines to understand spoken words.