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Grisly Medicine

The Weird and Wonderful Story

John Farndon Venetia Dean

96 pages
Beetle Books

We take a lot for granted about modern medicine, but if you read about the grisly stuff behind the advances of medicine, you couldn't help but think how lucky we are. It's fascinating, often really funny and the grisly bits are unbelievable! Kill or cure is a good way to describe the efforts of the early surgeons who performed operations. Searching for cures for some frightening diseases was often pure guesswork. Did you know:

. The first blood transfusion was between two dogs.not a bad idea!

. Cholera made the skin shrivel and turn blue. best avoided then!

. In the middle ages there were secret recipes for using snail slime for burns and hedgehog grease for sore throats.maybe not!

. Chewing willow bark eased pain and symptoms of malaria.now that did work!

Get ready to learn about toe-curling treatments (some of which are still used today); an awesome mix of successful stuff and wildly experimental failures. It all adds up to a grisly, funny."no way did that really happen", read!

Author Bio
John is Royal Literary Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, and the author of a huge number of books for adults and children on science, technology and nature, including such international best-sellers as Do Not Open and Do You Think You're Clever? He has been shortlisted four times for the Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize for a science book, with titles such as How the Earth Works and What Happens When? He has recently been creating science stories for children for the Moscow Polytech science festival Venetia grew up in Brighton, UK. She has loved drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. After receiving a digital drawing tablet for her 19th birthday she has transferred to working digitally. She hasn't looked back since!