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The Hidden World of Math

Discover how awesome math is - making Plants Grow, creating the perfect eclipse and discovering new planets. Essential to all life on earth

Nancy Dickman

96 pages
Beetle Books

Math is all around us; on Earth and way out into space! It touches almost everything we do and see. There is in fact math everywhere we look: in art, sport, nature, science and space. Take a look at some familiar things and see the math behind them, including patterns, sequences and shapes. Clear, simple text works with stunning photographs to take a softer approach to understanding math and how important it is.

. Angles and parabolas make the difference between winning or losing a match, and if you're a goalkeeper, you must try to predict how a penalty will be aimed - it's all about probability

. Many things in nature follow the rules of math: number patterns in a sunflower, the hexagonal shapes in a beehive and a snow crystal

. A total solar eclipse is due to an extraordinary numerical coincidence: our Sun is about 400 times larger than the Moon, but 400 times farther away.

. Ancient buildings have stood the test of time because of careful calculations.oh, and time itself only exists because of math!

Math is mind-blowingly awesome stuff! Explore this magical, mathematical world and get practical, with some activities to try too.

Author Bio
Nancy worked in publishing for many years before becoming a full-time author. Now, with Pushkin the Three-Legged Wonder Cat as her trusty assistant (in charge of lap-sitting), she writes books on a wide range of topics, including animals, space, history, health and explorers. The highlight of her career so far has been getting to interview a real astronaut to find out how they use the toilet in space!