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Prepare for Take-Off

From Flying Cars to Monster Jets

Tim Harris

96 pages
Beetle Books

A fascinating preview into what manufacturers are planning for the future of flight. Learn about the world's most exciting aircraft, exploring the latest trends, from the revolutionary jet to VTOL aircraft, record-breakers and futuristic designs. Timelines and data on speed, size and agility accompany awesome photography showing key machines in action, while crystal-clear text and diagrams explaining their workings and special features.

. Imagine personal aircraft for solo flights in the future. Stuck in traffic? No problem if you are in a Terrafugia Transition. Simply unfold the wings and up you go! So cool to think that in the future you could fly to the grocery store!

. Check out the superfast jets; they are awesome!

. Read about some of the triumphs of human flight; from wingsuits, to parachutes.

. Shoot into space and find out what's so clever about rockets and lunar modules.

It's an exciting glimpse into what's here right now and what we have to look forward to in the not too distant future. A high-interest read with special focus on cutting-edge design.

Author Bio
Tim lives in London and loves the natural world, science and travel. He has written many books, for both children and adults, for Bloomsbury, Dorling Kindersley, National Geographic and Grolier. His subjects include the history of engineering, animal anatomy, great battles, meteorology and geography. Tim has also edited several travel guides, and before entering the world of book publishing, he was deputy editor of Birdwatch magazine.