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A Quick Ting On: The Black Girl Afro

Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy

Jacaranda Books Art Music

Black Women's hair is a topic that has been at the centre of contemporary conversation for some time. This informative book explores the rich cultural history of Black Women's Afros, weaving in anecdotal tales from Black women along the way.
Exploring the ways in which Black women's natural hair is often politicised and judged, A Quick Ting On: The Black Girl Afro chronicles the ways in which the styling of Black Women's hair has influenced popular culture and intersected with Black expression.
Complete with intimate interviews and real-life stories about natural hair journeys and the hunt for hair products, A Quick Ting On: The Black Girl Afro is a powerful exploration into the Black Woman's Afro — celebrating the versatility and diversity of Black women's natural hair.