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My Favorite Dinosaurs

From the tiniest, largest weirdest, cleverest to the scariest dinosaurs

Emily Kington

80 pages
Beetle Books

These magnificent animals roamed and ruled the Earth for over 100 million years. Here we have a vast collection of different dino-beasts, including; humongous predators and tiny prey; the sneakiest and cleverest dinosaurs to ones that just looked plainly weird. This book is packed with all of the dinosaurs that we love – plus – some unfamiliar ones - but all that will amaze and fill you with awe! Check out:

• a dinosaur so fierce that no other dinosaur would hunt it

• one with an awe-inspiring 40 foot neck

• dinosaurs that hunted in packs and climbed trees

• one that moved like a chicken and another that had a mouth shaped like a shovel

… and much, much more. Whether it be the apex predator Spinosaurus, or the odd looking Gigantoraptor or possibly the cunning egg thief Oviraptor – here is a feast of dinosaurs with simple early reading text to fascinate and engage any young dinosaur enthusiast.

Author Bio
Emily Kington has worked in publishing and children’s books for over twenty years. She loves writing for children and is passionate about making information fun and accessible for children and engaging them in the world around us. Emily lives in England with her husband and two children and loves outdoor sports, travelling and good food