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Stickmen’s Guide to Science & Technology (plus Engineering and Math)

Science, a tour of technology, amazing engineering and the power of numbers

Joe Matthews John Farndon

96 pages
Beetle Books

Jump aboard the friendly Stickmen's tour of the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Neat nuggets of text, colorfully illustrated, break down each subject into its components, and shows how they are organized. With this book you're armed and ready for everything STEM! Check out:

• how tiny atoms (and cells) build into big stuff

• a nanomachine that could repair brain cells

• supertall buildings and mighty bridges

• helpful decimals and handy ratios

… and much more. Clear, cut-away illustrations and diagrams reveal mechanisms at work, with the Stickmen always on hand to share facts (and jokes), explain functions - the Stickmen have their STEM thinking hats on and want you on their team!

Author Bio
Joe Matthews is a self-taught comic artist who drew Ivy The Terrible, Ball Boy and Billy Whizz stories for the Beanobefore moving on to Tom and Jerry andBaby Looney Tunescomics. He also worked as a storyboard artist on the BBC TV series, Bob the Builder. Joe has produced his own Funny Monsters Comicand in 2016, published his comic-strip version of the Charles Dickens favorite,A Christmas Carol. Joe lives in North Wales, UK, with his wife.John Farndon is Royal Literary Fellow at City & Guilds in London, UK, and the author of a huge number of books for adults and children on science, technology and nature, including such international best-sellers asDo Not Open and Do You Think You’re Clever?He has been shortlisted six times for the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize for a science book, with titles such as How the Earth Works, What Happens When? and Project Body (2016).