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Sensational Science

Amazing science experiments using everyday household items

Rob Ives

96 pages
Beetle Books

Packed with scientific activities, using items you’d find at home, this brilliant book makes science cool and fun. Become an expert on chain reactions in a bottle, playing with light, understanding how things move, making home-made lightening and more… Over forty great projects making science accessible and easy to understand, including…

  • making a camera from an old box, a mirror and a pair of glasses
  • using a potato to harness electricity
  • making a balloon hovercraft
  • growing crystals from sugar, water and a piece of string

Clear step-by-step instructions with simple illustrations show you what to do (safely), as well as explaining the science behind each project. Plus, an easy to understand explanation on the science behind each project.

It’s not magic – it’s way better than that!

Author Bio

Rob Ives is a former math and science teacher, now a designer and paper engineer living in Cumbria, UK. He creates science- and project-based children’s books, including Paper Models that Rock! and Paper Automata. He specializes in character-based paper animations and all kinds of fun and fascinating science projects, and often visits schools to talk about design technology and demonstrate his models.