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Real Life Monsters

Amazing monster-like animals of the rainforest, desert

Matthew Rake Simon Mendez

96 pages
Beetle Books

Meet some of the weirdest creatures from around the world. They are mostly armed (with teeth and toxins) and highly dangerous – they demand RESPECT! This is the extreme top 40 Real-Life Monsters that can be found in the wild. The most bizarre and terrifying animals on our planet. Take your pick from the…

  • inland taipan of Australia – the most venomous snake in the world
  • lethal, lurking Nile crocodile
  • goliath bird-eating spider (which attacks virtually anything)
  • giant squid. Which eats other giant squid (and fights whales)
  • …and dozens more.

Clever illustrations re-create explosive action scenes, bringing you face-to-face with these extreme animals.

Keep out of reach of their deadly hugs and monstrous fangs!

Author Bio

Matthew Rake lives in London and has worked in publishing for more than twenty years. He has written on a wide variety of topics including science, sports and the arts

Simon Mendez, award-winning illustrator, combines his love of nature and drawing by working as an illustrator with a focus on scientific and natural subjects. He paints on a wide variety of themes but mainly concentrates on portraits and animal subjects.