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The Boathouse

A Japanese Odyssey

Douglas Murray

176 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Three lives, three pebbles dropped into the sea, the ripples converging into transient patterns of interconnection as they each try to come to terms with their fragility and search for meaning. This search ultimately leads them all back to the boathouse, to rediscover the profound impact it had upon their lives. The Boathouse is a story about the healing power of writing and our human need to leave something behind to show that our life had meaning, or in Japanese our ikigai, our reason for living. The novel is in three parts as the three main protagonists take it in turns to describe their life in an old boathouse on the west coast of Hokkaido. A wandering beggar, a young fisherwoman, and an old poet, united in their experience of the healing power of telling the story of their time in the boathouse.
Author Bio
Douglas Murray ==============

Douglas Murray's love for Japanese culture grew out of practicing Aikido. After some years in France he eventually became a monk and he spent the next ten years in a Franciscan Friary where his love for meditation, art and haiku deepened. He spent the next twenty years caring for the sick in the Garden House Hospice where the inspiration for The Boathouse developed. He is a semi-professional artist and has created the front cover for the book.