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Abused Addicted Free

The Inspiring True Story of Trudy Makepeace

Trudy Makepeace

232 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
He grabbed my throat with one hand and pushed the edge of a blade to my neck with the other. “One wrong move and I’ll cut your throat!” I felt the cold edge of the knife against my flesh. I shivered as he pushed the tip deeper into my skin. “Who do you think you are?” he shouted. Fear gripped my heart as he traced the blade across my throat; it could all be over in seconds. Months later when Trudy Makepeace arrived at the girl’s home in Tredegar, a staff member on duty at the time wondered how she was still alive. “Trudy was skin and bone, with fear in her eyes I have never seen someone so destroyed by drugs.“ This true story of transformation is marked by the mercy and miraculous power of God making Trudy a true champion of the broken, destitute, and marginalised.
Author Bio
Trudy Makepeace ===============

Trudy is an evangelist and minister of the Gospel with a passion to reach others with the message of the Gospel. Based in local Church she is actively involved in the leadership encouraging, training, and equipping the church in discipleship, mission, and evangelism. Since coming to faith 15 years ago Trudy has managed a rehabilitation centre, ministered in prisons and continues to travel sharing her story teaching, equipping, and preaching the Gospel message in the UK and abroad.