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Code Red

God's Plan for Humankind Throughout the Ages - Revealed!

P.P. Hallam Robert D’Roza

244 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Some of the most common questions asked today are: ‘If there’s really a God, why is there so much suffering? Why do the innocent suffer so much, while the guilty, evil people get away with murder?’ The truth is, bad stuff happens to good people. And you know what? Good stuff happens to bad people too. It’s the all-too familiar result of living on an imperfect planet. Code Red been written, not just to explain the injustice there is on this earth, or to just convince people there really is a God, but to show how things are playing out in a much bigger and more complex way than most people have ever realised. There is a much deeper and sometimes ‘darker’ side to the question of wickedness and evil in the world and P.P. Hallam attempts to explain the unfolding and apocalyptic unveiling of the historic, prophetic, preordained will of God.
Author Bio
P.P. Hallam ===========

Paul Hallam along with his wife Mags, have invested their lives into The Lighthouse Church in Manchester, England, for almost 30 years. They have always had a heart for mission and have built children’s homes, and established Bible colleges and churches through LIM (Lighthouse International Ministries) which runs as a separate charity from the Lighthouse specifically to fund overseas work.