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One Mile To Make a Difference

Journeying With Former Prisoners on Their Road to True Freedom

Simeon Sturney

176 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
How do we help those who have chosen the wrong path in life? We often end up supporting people who, for a variety of reasons, make poor choices resulting in a troubled life or even prison. This book is to help you as you provide support and encouragement for people who want a new start. One Mile to Make a Difference is the story of three particular journeys. Simeon’s own story and how he ended up as a ‘through-the-gate prison chaplain, stories of some of those women who have left prison to find a new life, and finally Jesus’ example of journeying with people who appear to be going in the wrong direction, on the Emmaus Road . It challenges us not only to look at how we can support those around but also how we can get the support we need when we, too, walk on the wrong path.
Author Bio
Simeon Sturney ==============

Simeon Sturney is an experienced through-the-gate prison chaplain who has helped hundreds of women at the point of their release from prison and as they walk to the local train station, journeying with them as they wrestle with their fears and temptations. He is also a former managing chaplain at one of the largest Women’s prisons in Western Europe and a former Probation Service Officer. Simeon has worked in prisons for over 15 years. He is married, has 2 children and 2 Grandchildren.