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Man Up to Infertility

A Personal and Biblical Journey Through Infertility and Adoption

Pete Roscoe

160 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Sadly, infertility is a very common problem which currently affects one in seven couples in the United Kingdom. If you aren’t personally affected by it, no doubt you’ll know someone who is maybe a friend, relative or even one of your own children. Men often suffer in silence and find it incredibly hard to talk about. It’s a taboo topic which can make us feel ‘less manly’. We feel like we’ve got to be strong for our wives but deep down the pain is real and it hurts. For Peter Roscoe and his wife this was truly the hardest time of their lives. Man Up to Infertility is to help all the guys out there who are struggling in silence. The Petes who are supporting Emmas, the Zacks who are holding up Tamaras, guys like you and me struggling but want to overcome. Peters own testimony is the first part of the book and his friends share their own stories of overcoming infertility too. The Bible is also full of stories of great men and women who, by the grace of God, managed to triumph over their barrenness. The second part of the book studies these stories from the husband’s point of view and demonstrate how we can learn from their strengths and weaknesses to help us better support our wives, grow closer to our Heavenly Father and ultimately overcome. In the third part it shows how God has used adoption for some of the most significant men and women in the Bible and how God uses them in his ultimate plan to adopt everyone into his eternal family.
Author Bio
Pete Roscoe ===========

Pete Roscoe lives with his wife Emma and their three children in the North of England. When he's not working as a Medical Consultant in the NHS he most enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors and cycling in the local countryside.