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A Simple Guide To Bible Study

Jack Hay

64 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The Bible made us “wise unto salvation” when we were sinners, and it continues to be indispensible for our spiritual development. There is no quick fix for arriving at a full understanding of its teaching; this booklet does not profess to be that. Its aim is to provide basic guidelines for Bible study for younger people or new believers. It goes out with the prayer that even those who are not naturally studious will form the habit of digging a little bit deeper, unearthing spiritual treasures to enrich their lives. In the book, the centrality of God’s Word is stressed, the reading of the Bible is encouraged, and the careful study of Scripture is promoted. Perhaps you feel that your spiritual maturity positions you beyond the need of a book like this. What about your children and grandchildren and the young people connected with the local church? Join with me in trying to put many on the road to an understanding of the Scriptures by placing this little volume in their hands.
Author Bio
Jack Hay became a Christian as a boy when living in South West Scotland. He resigned from his employment in Banking in 1972 to serve the Lord in a full time capacity at which time he moved 100 miles north to Perthshire. For a number of years he was involved mainly in pioneer evangelism, but as the years have passed, more time has been spent in teaching the Scriptures. He takes an interest in a few places where simple teaching is needed, e.g. Sri Lanka, and has been visiting there twice a year for the past two years. He has written a number of evangelistic leaflets for John Ritchie.