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8 Kingdom Parables

Craig Munro

208 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
This is the third of a series, dealing with familiar Bible topics. Craig first covered The Ten Commandments and then The Nine Beatitudes. He now covers The Eight Kingdom Parables. Eight Kingdom Parables! Are we not accustomed to speaking of “The Seven Parables of the Kingdom” in Matthew 13? Craig contends that the reference to the householder at v.52 should be included, and so he speaks of eight parables. Although basically doctrinal, the book is incisive in the challenge it presents regarding our commitment to sow seed. Are we employing every avenue open to us to communicate the Word of God? Stress is laid on the fact that it is the only method whereby souls are reached for the Kingdom. Craig’s expositions and conclusions are well backed up with a multitude of Bible references that demonstrate his wide knowledge of the Scriptures, even those parts that we might regard as obscure. In his introduction, Craig suggests that each chapter of his book can be read in five minutes. We recommend that you devote just a little longer to it! If you are going to digest all that is there, and follow up on the Bible references, it will need some diligent thought. We do trust that the little volume will be really enlightening to those of you who are exploring these things for the first time, and an encouraging refresher course for those of you who have known them for many years.