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Higher Ground

Clark Logan

240 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Journeying through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is like mountain climbing in the Himalayas. We keep moving higher, scaling peak after peak, until we gain a panoramic view of God’s purposes, as from the heights of heaven itself. This volume approaches the ascent in small manageable steps, verse by verse. It shows that there is value in every verse of Scripture, not only to increase our spiritual understanding, but also to challenge us to godly living day by day. Join me on the journey so that together we might enjoy the breathtaking view from the summit!
Author Bio
Clark Logan and his wife, Hazel, left Northern Ireland in 1982 for missionary service in Botswana. They live in the village of Tlokweng. Clark is qualified in medicine and also holds a degree in African Languages. He has written a number of works in both English and Setswana in which he aims to present Bible truth in a clear, concise, and challenging way.