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Tiny Tales - Old Testament Bible Stories

Raymond Banks

48 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
This full colour, attractively produced book will be loved by younger readers (aged 3-6) and has been illustrated by Graeme Hewitson, graphic designer of Eikon Bible Art The stories have been simply retold by Raymond Banks in a language suitable for younger children and the different eye catching images will be sure to make this a favourite.Adam & Eve- The story how sin came into the worldNoah- the story how God saved 8 people who trusted him, and flooded the rest of the worldDavid & Goliath- The story how one young man called David who put his trust in God to help in in a battle.Jonah- The story of a man who tried to run away from God, but God saw him and gave him another opportunity to do what he was askedThese stories from the Old Testament still have great meaning for children today.
Author Bio
Raymond Banks has worked in publishing for thirty years, selling both children’s and adult books throughout the UK and the States. He is also involved in children’s work, teaching Bible Studies in his local Primary School on a voluntary basis. He is married with two grown up children.