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The Doctrine Of Man

Bible Class Notes

60 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The Bible Class Notes series has a new look and this latest edition will be a real help to those wanting to study on this subject. These notes were written for a group of young christians in 2019. The aim was to provide them with notes that they could read at home before their bible study and which they could keep and consult as they grew older. This study covers Creation, Man’s Nature and the Fall, Man’s Constitution, Man’s Complement, Man’s Purpose and Man’s Pinnacle. Suitable for group setting or individual study, the guide is neither too elementary nor too complicated. The target is teenagers, but others may find them useful. Highlighted Sections for Key Scriptures Key Quotes Key Questions If your youth group is in the 13-20 age bracket they are at a vital stage in their christian life where they need help to study the Bible in a way that is challenging and engaging.